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Born in Yorkshire, lived in Yorkshire, booted out of Yorkshire, didn't pay an electric bill so got thrown out ‍‍‍of Cyprus so now living back in Yorkshire, he's from Yorkshire. Sound Northern, look Northern, make tea like a Northerner and like Northerners. Do you get the picture?‍‍‍


Errrm, So I thought I should say a huge thank you to all that listen to the show on Peak FM, without explaining all the boring ins and outs of how radio listening figures are gathered, lets just say you lot rock and we just added another 10k listeners in the last 3 months. Lets not forget the previous 10k ‍‍‍we added in the 3 months prior.

YES the show has added an extra 20,000 listeners Year on Year! I People must be having babies all over the place. Thanks, keep making them please.

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Sat down with Kara Marni this afternoon. She is currently on tour with Raye and plays her first show in Nottingham tonight.

Amazing voice, looks fantastic and I think you will like her. Check out the video it's on the way soon.

For all the tour dates check out the usual websites and I would highly recommend that you go and see her on tour. I have a feeling this girl is going to b‍‍‍e big.‍‍‍

Lets face it if it wasn't for Max George then their would of been no "The Wanted" or so every fan of the huge boy band tell you.

We had a brew and a natter about his new single "Barcelona" and what it is like to release music through his own label.‍‍‍

Take a listen, we talked everything from music to Max living out in the states and will The Wanted ever get back together? Have a listen and find out.‍‍‍